Enter Folkland, an American Heritage Brand

Enter Folkland, an American Heritage Brand


It started with hand crafted leather goods in 2013. Stitching unique wallet designs, and building out heavy duty leather bags. Folkland is the realization of founders Chad Von Lind and Michael Miles in quality American made goods. Based in Coeur d'Alene City, North Idaho with a history in craftsmanship and design. Folkland is outgrowth of the artisan leather goods brand Craft & Lore, which aims to reach wider markets with quality manufactured goods, while allowing it's original brand to remain true to it's artisan roots.

We set out to design every product in a traditional manner but carefully mix in modern characteristics. This gives us a very unique approach to each good we produce. In our field something is only as good as it's durability, we believe there should be no corners cut in this department; For us if we cannot design it to last, we should not make it at all. Our goal has and always will be, building heritage goods at affordable prices without sacrificing quality.

Tools of the Craftsman

American heritage goods, built to last.

Sturdy materials for durable goods