Story: Cape Flattery

Story: Cape Flattery


When your boss decides to give you a four day weekend and pay you for it because you are doing a great job, you take advantage of that opportunity and go to cool places. I had a week to figure out what exactly I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.

I decided to stay in the PNW but thought, eh, the coast is probably too far to actually enjoy, plus it’s probably super rainy there. So, the coast it is!

PNW Adventures at Cape Flattery Washington with FOLKLAND USA

My girlfriend and I packed up my 2000 Subaru Outback after I got off work on Thursday evening after I picked it up from getting fixed. I just hit 200,000 miles of pure adventure, so it needed a tune up. We wanted to take even more advantage of the long weekend by leaving the night before; driving from Coeur d’ Alene, ID all the way to some Walmart not too far passed Snoqualmie Pass. We slept in the Walmart parking lot, that’s right all three of us, crammed in the back of my car. Me, my girlfriend, Taylor, and our German shepherd, Honey. It usually takes us a lot longer to travel with our dog because we stop more frequently to let her stretch her legs and go potty.

PNW Coastal Cliffs at Cape Flattery with FOLKLAND USA

We continue our 4 or 5 hour journey to Cape Flattery, the most Northwestern part of U.S., besides Alaska of course. This is the most PNW place you can get. A nice hike, moody weather, big waves in the ocean, tall trees, cliffs, caves... we really do have it all here.

Rugged Canvas Leather Rolltop Backpack from Folkland USA

Once we arrived to Cape Flattery we suited up in our rain gear, and by rain gear I mean jacket and a couple of weather proof bags; one from Lowepro and the Rolltop from Folkland. We even threw a poncho we picked up from the dollar store over Honey. You might be thinking: “Why does a dog need a poncho?” Well, because we have to sleep with her, that’s why.

Cape Flattery Adventures in the PNW Coast

Cape Flattery has so many awesome views. We seriously could not leave just one spot because it was like another world there. It had a Pirates of the Caribbean feel to it. We shot as much as we could with out getting the cameras soaked.

PNW People and Pets FOLKLAND USA

We hiked around the cliffs and watched the giant waves crash into the cliffs as the rain hit us in the eyes and the wind fluttered our ponchos like a flag on a NASCAR window. We had other plans for the day so we headed back up the muddy hill. Luckily the local tribe takes great care of this trail and put a nice wooden walkway and stump stepping stones for most of the way. That only helped a little considering it looked like a nice backyard waterfall trickling all the way down. Absolutely beautiful though! Back in the car, and onto the next!

Story Teller: Josh Blakley
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