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Where are Folkland products produced?

All Folkland products are manufactured locally, with the great majority of products being made, start to finish, in our small workshop in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

How do I care for my canvas and leather goods?

Because of the heavy duty nature of all the materials we use, maintenance is optional in most circumstances. If, however, you desire to keep your products in the best shape, there are a few simple care steps you can perform to ensure you get the most life out of your product.

Duck canvas is one of the most resilient fabrics in existence.  With minimal maintenance this fabric can last forever.  To ensure the fabric on your bag does not fray or degrade, a quick brushing of the fabric once a month can help remove dirt and grime that could cut into the fibers.  If you wish to remove a stain or dirt spot on your bag, use warm water and rag to rub the spot out.  For more stubborn spots, gentle detergent can be used.

The leather on our bags, although thick and heavy-duty, can dry out after years of rough use.  If you feel that your leather is starting to dry or become brittle, a quick coat of leather balm can provide a quick remedy.  We personally use Smith's Leather Balm, which can be purchased on our website. Scratches can also be repaired with a small dab of balm and some pressure to ensure the balm coats the damaged fibers of the leather.