Warranty and Repairs


When we create a product, quality is our highest focus.  We take pride in hand making our products with high quality materials and durable construction.  In the disposable culture that we live in today, we’d like to change it up by creating products that last a lifetime.  Because we stand behind our products, we are always willing to repair any manufacturing defects that may be present in any of our bags or wallets. If, within 1 year of purchase, you find that the construction of your bag or wallet is faulty, whether it be zipper construction, seam stitching, or fabric/leather quality, we will repair your product for free.  If we are unable to repair the product with the defect, we will fully replace it.


If the damage to your bag or wallet comes from an accident or misuse, we do still offer repairs.  For any bag, we offer repairs starting at 50 USD. For wallets or other small goods, we offer repairs starting at 25 USD.  If you find that your product is damaged, fill out our Repair Request form found below. Once we have received your product for repair, we will examine the extent of the damage and send you an email with details on the repair cost and any other important details.  If we find that the extent of the damage to your product is too much for us to repair, we will offer a replacement product at a 25% discount. If you do not wish to purchase another product, we will return your original product to you. For any additional questions about our limited warranty or repair services, please email us at: info@folk.land.